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AgroMyc-Merck GmbH is your global and highly competent partner for better soil by the use of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.

AgroMyc-Merck GmbH is a Hamburg-based company that has been focusing on the production and marketing of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi spores since 2012. We have together with our highly experienced scientific partners decades of experience in scientific studies and field trials. This enables us to produce a high-quality product for use in greenhouses for German and international markets.


Our objective

We have deliberately opted for Germany as a production location because our German scientific partners support us to meet quality standards. We strive for the delivery of world-class products to our customers, who are interested in long-term business. Our business relationships aim at creating partnerships and synergies. We constantly optimize our product by experiments under laboratory conditions. To sum up, we always seek to offer our customers a premium class product.

Mycorrhiza - Symbiosis between plant and fungus:

Mycorrhiza is lifeblood between fungi and plant roots which makes life easier for both organisms. In biology, such a life-community is also called “mycorrhizal symbiosis”. Each partner benefits from each other. The fungus takes up valuable vitamins and sugars from the root cells of the plant that the fungus itself cannot produce because it lacks the necessary chlorophyll. 

The plant receives in turn water and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from the fungus braid as the fungi can better absorb nutrients and water from the soil. The subterranean fungus (mycelium) grows with the root of the plant and thus increases its root surface. The plant has now the possibility to cover a more extensive area and penetrate deeper into the ground. It is better fed and is more resistant to weathering, pathogens, and pests due to its good nutrition. 

Even unfavourable environmental conditions such as high salt concentrations and longer-lasting droughts are better tolerated by the plant with the help of the fungus.

agromyc mycorrhiza

What is Mycorrhiza?

About 85% of all examined botanical species are infect-able by the ubiquitär seeming Mycorrhiza fungus.

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