How does AGROMYC®VITAL work?

Agromyc products are supporting symbiotic relationships, that form between fungi and plants. The fungi colonise the root system of a host plant, providing increased water and nutrient absorption capabilities while the plant provides the fungus with carbohydrates formed from photosynthesis. Agromyc products also offer the host plant increased protection against certain pathogens.


AGROMYC®VITAL  is a pure natural, easy to handle granular product on the base of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) fungi (fungal spores and mycelium immobilized on expanded clay as carrier system). It is free from phyto-pathogens, weed seeds and nematodes and free from toxic substances.

AGROMYC®VITAL  has, after successful establishment of the mycorrhizal symbiosis, immediate and long term effects. It is a high quality inoculum for promoting initial plant growth especially at locations of unfavourable soil nutrient conditions (in particular under relative low phosphate and microelement availability, e.g. of copper, zinc, sulphur) as well as under drought and salinity conditions. Where native mycorrhizal fungi are not present or in low concentrations (disinfected or sterilized nursery or potting substrates, composts, sub-soils) inoculation with these symbiotic root fungi show the greatest plant growth effects. Long term effects through soil inoculation with AGROMYC®VITAL  are found by better soil structure through Glomalin formation which aggregates soil particles, increases water infiltration and controls erosion.

AGROMYC®VITAL   is beneficial to annual and perennial crops. It is essential for trees, shrubs, ornamentals, grasses and legumes. The fungi not only give improved growth of different crops, but also have the potential to increase the tolerance of the host plant to root pathogens.

Field of application


Fruits, trees, grapes and shrubs

better nursery establishment, improved root growth, better survival after field transplant, healthier, protection against nematodes,  resistant to environmental stresses

Ornamental plants

healthy, earlier and improved flowering

Lawn & turf

improved strength and durability, 30% increase water use efficacy

Vegetables & legumes

yield enhancement, protection against nematodes, better N-fixation

Regeneration of landscape                

quicker soil coverage, better water balance and nutrients availability

Soil structure improvement                 

improved water infiltration, increased water holding capacity and soil microbial activity

Soil aggregate stabilisation                   

Increased resistance to soil erosion by wind or rain

Management of saline soils

increases plants salt tolerance, longer land use 

Application rates

  • 25-50 ml AGROMYC®VITAL  homogeneously mixed with one litre sterilized soil substrate to obtain a mycorrhizal potting medium or planting substrate for flowers, seedlings of fruit and trees and shrubs.
  • 10 – 500 ml AGROMYC®VITAL  per plant when directed to the roots e.g. in nurseries or at field transplant; generally 50 ml per L root ball volume or per L planting hole volume in the field .
  • 250-500 ml AGROMYC®VITAL  per m² when broad cast and superficially incorporated, e.g. in turf & pastures
  • 500-1000 ml AGROMYC®VITAL  per m² when broadcast and 2-4 cm incorporated into seedling beds
  • 50-100 ml AGROMYC®VITAL  per linear meter when applied to seeding furrows
  • 5 – 10 ml AGROMYC®VITAL  per planting hole placed under the seed or bulb or tuber

CAUTION: Irrigate plants immediately after inoculation. Do not use herbicides with soil action (no pre-emergence herbicides); half rate fertilizer is recommended during cultivation. AGROMYC®VITAL    does not form mycorrhiza with plant species of Pinaceae, Brassicae, Ericaceae and Orchidiaceae

Mycorrhizal Components: Natural, non-modified Plant Growth Promoting Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) fungi immobilized on NON-WATER SOLUBLE expanded clay particles (size: 2 –4 mm)   

AM fungi: mainly Rhizoglomus intraradices; usual material  with >10 000 spores and / or

>100 000 infective mycorrhizal propagules in one L granules.

Specific weight of product:          300-400 g/litre               Moisture content of product:           max. 15  %

Declaration: The product does not harm man, animal or environment in prescribed use. AGROMYC® VITAL  is authorized for ecological agriculture by FiBL, Germany

Durability: The product must be stored under dry conditions. Temperature can be between -15° C and +35° C. Stable  for more than 7 years without loss of viability.  



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